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Super Ulstar FAQ...

Specialist of Ultrasound paper(Direct Thermal Synthetic Film for Video Printer) manufacturing.

" Why pay more for the same quality?"

        Durico C&T(Coating & Technology), Inc is specialized in manufacturing Direct Thermal Synthetic Film. With our coating technology, we are manufacturing the best quality Direct Thermal Synthetic Film for Video Printer used for printing high-resolution ultrasound scan images in the world. Durico uses the same base material and coating technology as the print brand media, but we product thermal paper in a cost effective way and implement direct supply to medical distributors worldwide. Thus, without any additional margin, we can supply to customers at a competitive price with the best quality. Now, we export millions of rolls to over 90 countries(120+ partners) and offer at least 20% lower price than printer brand media.

High Water & Heat resistance for long-term storage

         High humidity and heat affect the status of image storage and can cause the significant loss of printed images. Durico's special coating technology enables to preserve the printed image for a long period. High density & High Glossy grades are UV-cured and have High-Glossy surface, Extra-High optical density and perfect resistance to Water & Heat for long-term storage. In addition, this UV-cured layer enables to keep thermal dye inside of this layer and prevents thermal head from anby damages due to thermal dye adhesion to the head.

Perfect Head Matching

         We use the same base material(YUPO® film) and apply the same coating technologies to manufacturing Direct Thermal Synthetic Film. Then Coated film is calendered for smooth surface and homogenous image quality, which makes the film flatter, reducing the thickness. Smooth surface of Durico thermal Media provides perfect matching with any thermal printer head for long life, and prevents unnecessary noise.

Minimal Curling

         Durico media are back-coated for minimal curling to enable smooth print results. Flat surfaces of printed media ensure excellent photo quality image look and easiness for filing.

High Resolution Imaging printing

         Durico media provides wide gradation of grey-scale reproduction. Considering printer characteristics, we develop perfect matched grey-scale with printer, which enables to depict detailed images. Steeper Y-curve per energy variation and high optical density at maximum energy demonstrate higher image resolution with accurate grey-scal reproduction of original images.

Excellent tearing properties

         Durico uses YUPO® film designed for excellent tearing properties. When torn off, Durico media are straightly cut along the cross direction without damaging any printed images.

Anti-electrostatic treatment

         Durico media are Anti-Electrostatic treated. With this treatment, we prevent hazards due to accumulated electrostatic energy, which can damage and destroy vital electronic componenets in the printer head.

YUPO® is a registered trademark of Yupo Corporation