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Fine Art

Founded in 1584, Hahnemuehle is the oldest German papermakers manufacturing papers for traditional and digital artists as well as industrial papers. Since the founding of the company more than 400 years ago a forward-looking attitude has formed the basis for continuous growth and the innovative strength of the company. Hahnemüehle Digital FineArt collection is an exclusive, Hahnemüehle branded paper line, developed by improving upon traditional Hahnemüehle art papers. This paper is unsurpassed for professional and artistic inkjet printing. The digital fineArt papers combine the precision of modern photographic papers and the unique charm of artistic papers. The digital printouts made on this paper boast a particularly attractive brilliance, unique feel, unparalleled surface structure and wide color gamut. Each copy printed on our paper attracts the viewers as much as the original. In 2005, Hahnemuhle Digital FineArt collection, encompassing 21 types of paper, received the famous and sought after TIPA-Award in 2005, as "Best Fine Art Inkjet Photo Paper" and in 2007 as "Best Fine Art Inkjet Paper". This award is prized by the producers of photographic accessories and papers. TIPA (Technical Imaging Press Association) is the association representing the most important European photographic and imaging magazines. Every year, its jury awards prizes for the most valuable products used for taking, processing or printing photographs. In the photographic community, the TIPA logo is a valuable and trustworthy mark of quality.

Innova Art is different. Many fine art paper companies were founded centuries ago and while some adapted their existing products to take advantage of the switch to digital printing, only Innova Art - the first international supplier of fine art media to be launched in the 21st century - can claim to have designed papers specifically for digital fine art printing. Innova Art is part of the revolution. Which is why, in 2006, the Technical Image Press Association, representing 31 specialist magazines and a readership of eight million readers across Europe, awarded the ground-breaking Innova FibaPrint 'Best Independent Inkjet Paper'. Innova leads the field because its founders, Mark Messina and Wayne Connelly, formerly of the Hahnemühle digital team, have always been at the forefront of developing new products for digital printing. The combination of cutting-edge innovation allied to centuries-old traditions has won plaudits for Innova Art products from thousands of artists, photographers and printers from around the world. They choose quality. They choose Innova. Now the choice is yours.

The washi and washi products are still conveyed to people’s everyday lives. There are still many items in common places of people’s lives that are made or contain washi. The Awagami Factory was established to preserve and broaden the awareness for the beauty, strength and sensitivity of washi. The papermaking of Washi was commercialized by Chozo Fujimori. Later, the tradition was taken over by Yoichi Fujimori, the eighth generation, and he opened a new possibility of Washi by starting the production of machine made paper while maintaining a production technique of handmade paper. In 1989, the Hall of Awa Japanese Handmade Paper was established as a non-profit museum, and it offers a work space and possibilities in creation with Awa Washi to the artists from the worldwide. Awagami Inkjet Paper are specially made and transformed for inkjet printer use, yet remaining the texture of existing washi. It has special coating for the ink of inkjet printers from major printer manufactures, such as Epson and Canon. Also, Awagami Inkjet Paper is made to be used by professionals who also might work on mixed media with digital print, such as woodblock and etching. This special paper is suitable for such works with multiple medias as well.