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We manufacture "Film-based" Direct Thermal Media and Inkjet Media for digital printing. With our unique technology, we formulate specialized coating chemicals, and precisely apply these chemicals to film and paper surfaces with state-of-the-art, multi-head coating devices.

DURICO also offers a set of specific services in international trading with a pragmatic and result-oriented approach. We provide creative solutions to global companies who need a trustworthy, cooperative partner in Korea who focuses on your goals, generates actual revenues and profits, and build up your profitable enterprise. DURICO retains an organization that includes senior professionals with a wealth of experience and knowledge.

By combining manufacturing and trading services together, we offer unique, result-oriented solutions to our clients in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Durico’s Super ULSTAR brand direct thermal synthetic film for video printers is used for printing high-resolution ultrasound scan images. Medical Doctors around the world depend on Super ULSTAR’s high-resolution image capability to make accurate and highly sensitive medical diagnoses. ULSTAR brand Glossy thermal media is UV-cured, has a high-gloss surface, perfect resistance to water, and extra-high optical density.

POLYSTAR brand direct thermal media is Durico’s primary synthetic film product for labels, tags and tickets that require high-speed printing, high durability against heat and humidity, tear resistance, sharp imaging and clean room usability. Durico has state-of-the-art, precise, and efficient coating lines, available in widths up to 86”. With POLYSTAR, Durico offers customers cost-effective solutions with consistent quality assurance.

Durico manufactures and exports finest quality Inkjet Media for Graphics, Signage, Photographs and Fine Art, for both indoor and outdoor color display applications. As digital printing becomes ever more popular, Durico’s DURIX brand high-quality Inkjet Media ensure accurate and consistent printing results.


KOREA : Durico C&T, Inc.
HQ and Plant : 33, Oedap 6-gil, Sangju-si, Gyeongbuk, 37240, Korea

Seoul Office : 12, Seocho-daero 53-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, 06604, Korea
Telephone : +82-2-525-8405 / Fax : +82-2-525-7461
E-mail : info@durico.co.kr

USA : Durico Imaging, Inc
Address : 18553 Dominguez Hills Dr., Rancho Dominguez, CA 90220
Telephone : +1-714-868-1945 / Fax : +1-714-228-1220
E-mail : sales@duricoimaging.com

Europe: Durico Imaging BV
Address : Villastraat 2C, 1830 Machelen, Belgium.
Telephone : +32 470 632 965 / Fax : +32 (0)2 791 9514
E-mail : euro@duricoimaging.com